Monday, June 29, 2009

Do You Know the Changes I've Seen?

We're 5 weeks into summer here at our place. As much as I love summer and the change of pace, with it comes a few things I could do without.

Extra Laundry ~ specifically beach towels. Between swim team practice, afternoons at the pool and swim meets, it's easy to do at least 3 loads of towels in a week. And yes, they use them more than once.

Food ~ where does it go? My grocery expense goes up but I swear it doesn't last. It seems that the food disappears faster than I can buy it.

Leisure Time ~ it's hard for me to sit down and relax in the evening until late. When it's light outside I feel like I need to be busy. It's a different story in the winter; when it's dark at 5:30, I'm ready to put my pj's on and call it a day.

Menu Planning ~ typically, I love menu planning. It saves me money and headaches. In the summer, I find it hard to do. It's too hot to cook or eat.

I sound like a Negative Nancy, don't I?


Anonymous said...

well, now that you mention it - no, not really. You are just feeling like any other mom in the midst of summer : )

I hear you loud and clear on several of these! I have a load of towels washing at this very moment.

Jenny said...

Kids are bottomless pits! I think if I stopped to watch, I would see them growing. Our summer schedule is discombobulated...quiet in the morning, a little movement in the afternoon and a lot of action at night. We got home at 11:30 p.m. from a baseball game the other night...
We'll probably become comfortable with the rhythm the week before school starts. The positives still outweigh the craziness... fresh produce, lush green, gorgeous flowers, bare feet and more time with the boys.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I am totally with you on the meal planning in the summer. I have the WORST time planning meals...thinking about meals...not to mention, by the time I DO any of this it's almost 7 or 8 because of daylight savings...summer is NOT my favorite!

Anonymous said...

oh, you nancies! (lol) i could cook any time of year.

i do hear you though about the late hours. it seems completely unrealistic to my girls that they have to come in and (shock) go to bed while it's still light out, and the later they get to bed, the later mom gets to bed and they still get up at the same time which makes them grumpy!

oh look, i jumped right on the bandwagon didn't i.