Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our New Neighbor or Should I Say Roommate?

I got a surprise as I was watering this plant the other morning. A bird flew out of the pot! Scared the bejeebies out of me.

The birdie parked its little self on a limb in our neighbors tree and started screaming at me. As soon as I went in the house, the screaming stopped.

Hmm....I wonder?

I had noticed lots of loose, mossy stuff down at the base of my flower (Flowering Maple). Could it be that it was a bird's nest? Sure enough.

The same scene played out the next morning. Scared me again even though I had told myself to be ready for it.

I've been very careful to not touch the nest or disturb it when I water. The placement of it is perfect as I can see the nest from the sidelight window at the front door. I haven't been able to tell what kind of bird it is but I'm going to keep close tabs on it. Wonder if mama will lay eggs? I'd love to have baby birds to watch.


Anonymous said...

oh, baby birds! how fun. and why is it we get scared by little birds and such?

Wren said...

Hooray for roommates!!

blueskyhi said...

Your've got the perfect view for watching God's creation at it's perfect best. Enjoy.