Monday, July 27, 2009

A Little of This, A Little of That

If you're not looking for random thoughts or a post that jumps from topic to topic, stop reading right now. I've got lots going round and round in my head so I'm just going to dump it all here.

On Saturday we took our Madison to the country. She's staying with my nephew, David, and his wife, Amber for 5 days. This is about the 3rd or 4th year she's done this. This is cattle shipping season and they need extra help so Madison is there to do whatever they need her to. Not sure what that will entail but the adventure is good for her. She learned how to drive a 4-wheeler yesterday and they're having a weiner roast and s'mores tonight by the creek. Oh, and she took her friend, Kenzie, with her. It's a whole new experience for that girl.

When we dropped Madison off on Saturday, it was at a pasture where they had just finished shipping 544 cattle. I wish I'd had a camera with me (my camera has issues, another thought I'll get to shortly). When we arrived, the cowboys were all sitting on the cattle pens. It would have been a classic photo. The pasture is next to a highway and you can spot the tourists.....they slam on the brakes and crane their necks as if they can't believe what they just saw. Yes folks, there still are real cowboys out there.

About the camera...mine won't recharge. It's been like this for several weeks so I've been relying on the girls' cameras. It doesn't always work. I want a new camera but I don't need one because there are 2 others in the house. However, I've done a little browsing and the one I think I want is upwards of $500 which isn't in the cards right now. I'm trying to practice patience.

The rest of the weekend was fabulous. On Saturday when Lawman and I arrived home it took us about 30 minutes to decide that we needed to move, get some exercise. He set out on the road bike and I set out on foot. I can't tell you how good it felt for me to get out and walk. It had been 2 weeks since I'd done it last. It was hot but well worth it. Sometimes the hardest part of exercising is getting started.

We had dinner with 2 other couples on Saturday night. Shishkabobs - shrimp / mushrooms / tomatoes and bacon-wrapped chicken/mushrooms /pineapple - roasted potatoes, garlic bread, and champagne to celebrate one couples 25th anniversary (no, not ours).

I spent Sunday with Alison. After church we headed off for back-to-school shopping. I find it much more enjoyable when I do one girl at a time. I don't get so frustrated. It's a good opportunity for some quality one-on-one time. We covered lots of good topics in conversation on the way to the mall plus we stayed under our budget!

It's a short work week for me. I start vacation on Thursday and don't have to report back to the office until August 10th. I can't wait!

Ok, there's a lot here. A lot of nothing. I'm feeling like a bouncey ball -- bounce from wall to wall and all over the board. The cowboy stuff is blog worthy and would have been great if I'd had a stinkin' camera!

I'll try to get myself organized and back on track.


Anonymous said...

okay, that was a lot of information!! I love that your daughter goes to your nephews farm every year. do you think Josh could go next year?

the camera thing - I would say go for it. I was fortunate that my old camera was still covered when it broke so I got to get my new camera for half the cost. I love it but still have lots to learn.

Nancy said...

dmoms ~ Going to the farm is a great adventure. Sure, Josh can come next year. Plan on late July. I had a text from Madison this morning at 5:04am and they were getting ready to go ship another load of cattle. It's a character building experience; it's hard work.

The camera? If I had an extra $500+ right now, I'd go get it. The old one is no longer covered under warranty as it is over 5 years old.

Wren said...

Real cowboys? I can just see them sitting there. I'd be one of the tourists slamming on the breaks.. I'd love to see the cattle.

Nancy said...

Beegirl ~ I talked with Madison this morning and asked her to take photos of the cattle shipping in process. We'll see what I get.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Your head sounds like MY head! I think we're all bouncy balls lately! Those shishkabobs sound SO GOOD. I love making them, too...I haven't yet this summer. Hmm...I think some of this squash would be perfect on the grill...and some cherry tomatoes...and...

Jenni said...

Every time we pass the cattle pens on 135 outside of Bazaar, I wish I could see them being used. Is late July the time when most people ship cattle? Are they being shipped to feed lots to finish them off?

Nancy said...

Jenni ~ the pens at 135 & Bazaar isn't far from where we were. We were just north of Cassoday. Late July and early August is the time to ship cattle. Yes, most of them go to feed lots for a bit of finishing. If you've never experienced the shipping of cattle, it really is something to behold.

Amy said...

Good luck finding a new camera. Can I recommend the Canon Powershot S5. It is a fantastic point & shoot, but has more modes so you can play with it more. I just got a DSLR, but that other camera worked so wonderfully for me for years before that. I still like to carry it around for more impromptu moments.

Anonymous said...

so if i could find someone to mind the girls i would be the first one hopping aboard for the cattle shipping.

and if you aren't going to get any shots of the cowboys, could you just ship one my way. i want one, and besides i have more than enough to keep him busy, ;-)

sorry about your camera. i dropped and broke mine three days before Christmas! i was in tears! i gaurd my new one like a hawk!