Monday, October 12, 2009

Friends of Old

It has been a long time since my high school graduation. 25 years long. A small group of us gathered over the weekend to take a stroll down memory lane and reconnect after many years of separation.

My class was small. 32 small. Um, I hear you laughing.

It wasn't all bad. A small class made for very close friendships. It also made it easy to know everything about each other. I mean everything. And not just about each other but about everyone in each other's families. Again, that was a good thing. We caught up on entire families this weekend.

The above picture is of me (on the right) with my classmate, Alicia, from this weekend. We lived 1 mile apart from the day we came home from the hospital until I was 7. Our houses were about 30 miles from town. That made for a long bus ride. 1 hour ~ each way. I would walk to her house for a play date. Yes, walk. By myself. I was young. Yes, younger than 7. If I didn't walk, I had 2 other choices ~ ride my bike or my horse. Horse was my preference. Her name was Kitty and she was an old swayback mare. Very gentle. Dad would have her saddled and waiting at the barn for me. I'd cross the creek, up the hill, turn left and then left again at the big gravel pile. We loved that gravel pile; it was the best place to play King of the Mountain. Alicia had a flag pole in her front yard. I'd tie Kitty to the flag pole and she'd munch the lawn while I played. I'd head home for dinner when Alicia's mom said it was time to go. Hmm...I wonder what happened to the piles that I'm sure Kitty left in the lawn? Her dad probably did some pooper scooping. Or maybe it was lawn fertilizer.

Alicia and I have somehow managed to keep in touch throughout the years. At times it was somewhat sporadic or predictabale depending upon how you feel about the annual Christmas card. We even managed to see each other more than just at class reunions. Now due to technological advancements since 1984, we keep in touch regularly. We can know daily what the other one is up to.

Next time I'll introduce you to Shawna.


Anonymous said...

I love this. And, I just realized something. I know why we get along. I graduated with SEVEN in my class. I was both homecoming queen and salutatorian. I love telling people that but then telling them that there were only six other people. Secondly, we both grew up with horses. Man, I miss my horses. What I would give to get back on a farm.

p.s. you look great in the picture : )

Wren said...

I went to a small school too, but have managed to not keep in touch with any of them. hmmmm... Loved your story!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more comfortable than an old friendship.

I'm off to NZ next week to got to my high school reunion. It's been 20 years since we graduated and 10 years since I've been to my hometown.

Jenni said...

Ha! I've got you beat. My graduating class was just 28--including 2 foreign exchange students. On our way to Ohio last week, thinking of the possibility (unrealized as it happened) of stopping by our old home, I listed all of them. I included a few that had been in the class for part of high school but moved before graduating and came up with 32.

This year marks my 20th since graduating. The reunion committee didn't get it together, so they will just be meeting at a nearby bowling alley over Thanksgiving break. Since our families are here in Kansas, we won't be going back to Ohio for Thanksgiving. Bummer.

I loved your story about riding to Alicia's house on your horse. I would have loved that as a kid.

Jenni said...

Oops! Dmoms has us both beat! Just 7!