Thursday, October 8, 2009

signs of fall

We're seeing signs of fall at our house this week.

  • hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • fuzzy socks
  • sweatshirts
  • fleece lounge pants
  • fuzzy blankets on the couch
  • flannel sheets
  • steaming bowls of soup

I'll admit that I'm enjoying the change. I'm savoring it now because if you ask me again in January after a few months of cold temps, north wind and rain/snow and I'll tell you I'm sick of the whole thing.

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The Happy Houswife said...

Yum! Love the hot chocolate! And just like you I am sick of everything in January. I tell dh that when we retires we are going to spend summers/ fall up north and the winters in Florida!

Anonymous said...

talk to me in February. I'll be so sick of rain and gray skies. I still have sunshine this week. But I hear the rain is coming soon.

Wren said...

I think I moved to Seattle and no one told me. Overcast and rain here this whole week. I keep telling myself.. I am not going to let it get me this year. NO. But, ask me again in March. I usually fall off a cliff in March.

SHLURPPP..those marshmallows. Making me want coco today instead of coffee. Okay, maybe after the coffee?

Jenny said...

I've been noticing the signs, too. The trees are turning, I made the first batch of homemade soup, broke out the hot chocolate and turned the heater on! The biggest sign...sat with long underwear on, wrapped in two blankets and shivered while I watched Dane play football last night!

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, yes!

we have had all of the above, minus the hot choco.

And I must say I am loving the return of my fuzzy socks and fleece pants.

But, you're right, whining will begin in Feb/Mar.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the fact that you are loving your chilly fall weather and I'm loving spring and it's hint of our great summer months to come.

Amy said...

mmmm...I am such a fan of fall too! It really is my favorite season. Not so much on the winter thing either though :)