Sunday, November 1, 2009

bath redo

At this point, either we are committed or we need to be committed. Why did we think we wanted to start this project?

We've lived in this house for 8 years. We've never done anything with our master bath other than talking about doing something with it. No more.

Say good-bye to the 1980's style wallpaper. It started coming off today and it wasn't easy. The only area we completed is the small area above the shower. This is going to be a looonnng process.

Once the paper is all off, I'm eliminating the popcorn. That awful popcorn texture on the ceiling. I hate that stuff -- it's too hard to keep clean. You try to remove a cobweb and you get a face full of popcorn.

Then there's flooring. We want tile. Several people have told us how easy it is to "do it yourself." I suppose we'll try that.

Then it's time for new light fixtures, new drawer/door hardware, new towels, new accessories. Oh, and did I mention we'd really like to have a new tub/shower unit too? And add in a big shower head.

Have I forgotten anything? Can you see where this is going? And why it may take months to complete?

$$Cha-Ching $$!


Anonymous said...

the joys of home ownership. you will be glad when it is done - it's the process that is hard!

Wren said...

We built our place 5 years ago (Us, my dad, a contractor and two other guys). We are still not done and at this point - I really don't think we will ever be "done".

I learned to tile one night after the husband left on business and the wood stove was being installed the next day. Had one night to get the floor in. Me, the tile saw and my mother... who perched on a stack of 2x4's and read to me from a book - how to mix grout - like a cake recipe. We got it done.

Two words of advice: rent a tile saw and choose LARGE tiles. Those adorable little vintage hexagon bath tiles in a pattern ALL need to be cut. I learned the hard way. OH YEA- lock the pets out too. Wet grout is so not good in kitty paws.

Wishing you all the best.. It's GONNABEGRREAT!!!
: ))

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Exciting! It's always worth it AFTER it's done! xo

Anonymous said...

we are commmited and it shall get done, sounds good we will see. I couldn't have a better parent to work with.


Jenni said...

A project like that is always both exciting and daunting. You'll be so glad when you finally have it done though. I think that popcorn texture should be outlawed. Horrible, horrible stuff!

Jenny said...

Oh, my, have you lived in that house for 8 years already! Time sure flies. Good luck with this project. Hopefully the process will be fun, too, seeing each new part completed, as those DIYs do seem to take longer than we think.

Lisa said...

We tiled my master bath when I was about 6 months pregnant. Maybe that should be "we" ? Anyway, it wasn't (didn't look) too hard.

JC Mom said...

wallpaper removal is the worst project!

Amy said...

You know what we did? Hired my unemployed brother-in-law to remove the paper and paint it for us. It was worth. every. single. cent. UGH! We still are working on updates, but I was so glad to have that project off of our list ;)

Good luck with your project!

Anonymous said...

wallpaper, ahhhhhhhhh.

guess you will be practicing patience huh?

good luck with it all, will be so worth it.

and beegirl, cracking me up with the visual of her mama reading her the grout recipe!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun and enjoy creating your new bathroom. We've found that renos are a great way to have "us" time and creating something that is very "us".

We've done two major house renos and every time we swear we'll never do it again. Both times we had babies which just made it madder but the rewards on DIY are brill.