Friday, January 1, 2010

home resources

With a new year comes new goals. I've made a few myself. I have found a few books over the years that are excellent reference/resource materials. If you've made goals related to your home, maybe you'll find encouragement on achieving said goals in one or more of these. (Note: if spending less is one of your goals, check your local library first for these books.)

A Simple Choice by Deborah Taylor Hough ~ I read this book once a year. The subtitle is 'a practical guide for saving your time, money and sanity.' That it is. It's full of very practical advise and information; practical being the key word here.

Raising Happy Kids on a Reasonable Budget by Patricia Gallagher ~ At one point, this was my go to resource for all things kids. It covers the spectrum - food, clothing, education and yes, even celebrations.

Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner by Jaroldeen Edwards ~ As a mother of twelve, this lady learned a few things along the way. This book isn't a how to book nor a book of essays but a collection of topics that may arise in a conversation with this author. Each chapter is a "window" and at the end of each chapter is a "Light from This Window." Here's a sample "Light": "Out of the simplest moments of our lives can come extraordinary flashes of insight, knowledge and wisdom. The most ordinary things can become windows of light."

If your goals include lowering your grocery bill or getting a handle on the grocery budget or eating healthier, my best piece of advice is find yourself a good cookbook and a good how-to book related to all things culinary. Knowing your way around the kitchen can do wonders for your budget and your health. The books listed here would be appropriate for the beginner or one that already knows the difference between a cheese grater and a zester.

Cheapskate in the Kitchen by Mary Hunt
Miserly Meals by Jonni McCoy
The Ultimate Southern Living Cookbook by Julie Fisher Gunter ~ this one happens to be my personal favorite
The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook ~ I received this one as a Christmas gift this year and I think there is a very good chance it will become my go to resource.

For family devotion time, may I recommend Family Walk by Bruce H.Wilkinson. It includes 52 weekly devotions for families. We found this to be a wonderful activity we incorporated into our evening meal together a few years ago.

I've got more I could add to this list but I'll stop there other than for one more bonus. I'm adding a new resource to my arsenal this year (per recommendation of FishMama). The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer. It arrived yesterday so I'll be reading it very soon (probably this weekend).

Do you have favorite home resources? Please share them in the comments; I love hearing your recommendations.


Anonymous said...

more books to add to my library list. thanks - they all look good.

Anonymous said...

My go to book regarding little kids was "Kid Wrangling" by Kaz Cooke which always made me feel good due to comical twist. And a Kiwi classic "Edmonds Cookbook" has the basics of everything about cooking.

Anonymous said...

I bought Family Feasts for $75 and found so many great tips to truly change how I shop and how important menu planning is. Highly recommend it!

Nancy said...

@ Anonymous: I own that book as well. You are right, it is well worth the investment.

FishMama said...

I got two more books to add to my list! Thanks!