Monday, February 8, 2010

gifts of kindness

Since losing my dad, we have been so very fortunate to have been blessed with an abundance of kindness from friends and family.

Today I gathered all of the cards and notes we have received. So many took the time to write a kind note, share a story, or a fond memory they had of my dad. I was touched by each and every one.

The most unique gift we received was from a dear friend down the street. She brought two bottles of wine with bottle is for now, when we need to stop for a moment and regroup; the 2nd bottle is to be opened on my dad's birthday (December 30), to celebrate him.

One of my brothers spoke during the service. One line that my brother said has been replayed a hundred times in my head.

"Our dad was a gentleman but to our mother he was a gentle man."

That word...gentleman. It was the single most often used word to describe my dad by those that came to pay their respects. And I am oh, so proud of that.


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Gentleman are hard to come by these SHOULD be proud. What a beautiful thing to say about him...and how sweet that your mother thought him "gentle". True love...

I hope you are doing OK...taking good care...and grieving when necessary...oxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I agree with Michelle. How often do we see men holding doors for women or better yet - opening car doors? this is a good reminder for me to teach gentlemen characteristics to josh. take care.

Unknown said...

Grandpa was the best. There is no better way to describe him. I love the wine gift!

Anonymous said...

wonderful. just wonderful. all of it.

the quote brought tears to my eyes.

thank goodness you have people like this in your life.

Elvira said...

I'm all smiling in tears reading this. Thank you for sharing. It came at the right moment.