Saturday, February 6, 2010

no more putting it off

oh my. what a week.

first week back after being out of the office for 6 days meant my box was full, my email was over-flowing and i had a lengthy list of things to tend to. i'm caught up now but felt like i was running on overload for 5 days. by the end of friday, the tension in my shoulders was almost unbearable. couldn't wait for a weekend of nothing. but then i got a phone call on friday which didn't allow any time/room for relaxation.

mortgage company requested a value assessment update on our home. so that means a local rep will be stopping by this weekend to take photos and to obtain a list of updates we've done to our home since time of purchase (we requested pmi be removed from our mortgage...that's what started this). well you know what that means don't you? i mean anytime a complete stranger wants to come in and take photos means that i need to get busy with and take care of that ever present list of things to do. like the stack of items to be donated to salvation army that has been accumulating in the guest room? well, they must go NOW. the basement that i've been ignoring for months? well, it must be cleaned NOW. the kitchen counter that has accumulated many cards, tax docs, etc.; well it must be cleaned NOW too. the last 2 years of tax documents that are in boxes and need to be put in storage. well, NOW is a good a time as any. the christmas tree skirt that got washed after the holiday but has been waiting to into the storage box? so, can you guess what i did today? yes, today. in just a couple of hours. why is it that these things have been on my list foreveh but i didn't do them? oh, i know. no sense of urgency! well there was now. and they're done. whew! crossed several un-fun things off my list in a day.

so now that i feel a sense of accomplishment, i sat my self down and celebrated with a bit of quiet time on the computer.

wishing you all a very productive weekend. i'm feeling quite satisfied now.


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

sometimes I think afterwards, why did i wait so long to do that? you crossed lots of the list - now, today I hope you rest!

Jenni said...

I know exactly what you mean about needing to get all this stuff done before you allow some stranger you don't really care much about into your home. The place must be spic and span. And I must start with the closets and cabinets and all the other spaces no one else will ever see. It takes more than a couple of hours for me. Because I'm insane and I know it:o)

Anonymous said...

individually they seem so little and you would think that anyone walking in would think, why hasn't she just done that?

but as you write, there are LOADS of little things and when you think about it that way.....

anyhow you made me feel better ;-)