Thursday, February 4, 2010

making my own fix...again

Sunshine does a body good. Unfortunately we haven't had much sun here this week. The obvious conclusion would be that my body isn't doing good. Right? That's not entirely true but I might be lacking in vitamin D due to lack of sunshine.

Last time I needed a sun fix, I made my own.

This time my fix isn't the color of sunshine but it does remind me of spring. Unfortunately this particular food item traveled all the way from Peru. Yes, Peru. I realize that purchasing this wasn't the most "green" thing to do but it made me feel better. Is that bad? There are worse things, aren't there?

Don't those little green sprigs just make you think spring? They're so pretty. Green. Like grass. Oh, I can't wait to walk barefoot in the green grass.

And this little bowl of orange picked me up too. Roasted sweet potatoes. Mmm.

One of my absolute favorite foods - roasted, baked, candied - any way you fix 'em, I'll eat 'em.

At least I'm eating my colors.
No sunshine expected this weekend either. Just gray, rain and snow. Yuk, yuk and double-yuk. My state of mind is starting to look a little gray too. Yuk again.
I just read this post....sounds whiny....sorry.


Anonymous said...

if it makes you feel better, I bought kiwis from italy.

Jenni said...

I think roasted sweet potatoes will be on the menu this week. I need a dose of sunshine, too. Maybe I'll even dare to make the spicy sweet potato soup I love (your recommendation or someone else's?), but I know the family will groan. Why is it they always moan and groan about the healthy foods I love most??? I've been craving aloo gobi again, too, but I can only push these people so far before they plan a mutiny.

Sarah H. said...

I try not to buy non-U.S. produce but sometimes you just really need something. My boys have been pleading for berries so I bought some (from Mexico and Chile), pesticide residue and fossil fuels be damned! Your sweet potatoes look delicious.

Only about two months until I will be overrun with asparagus ... you'll be on the list for some of the overflow.

I am feeling a little whiny too. Bleah.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the people of Peru were grateful and they probably needed the money. At least it didn't have "Made in China" stamped on it.