Monday, February 1, 2010

what do you get?

What do you get when your 16 year old girl has a big dance/date night?

A messy bathroom. Very, very messy.

But as bad as the mess is, there are also some upsides....good conversations in the bathroom while she's primping, being asked to do her eye make-up because she can't which must mean that I can, getting to back-comb her hair and advising on accessories.

These days won't last long so I'm enjoying them. Even with the messes.

(Disclaimer: yes, the wallpaper is bad. very bad. it is so 80's. removing it is 2nd on the list of DIY projects.)


Anonymous said...

I'd take those moments any chance you can get - even in the bathroom!

Minnie said...

Funny we just had this conversation last night. I was helping my girl try something new on her hair.
Hours and products later the bathroom was a mess, but the time was enjoyable.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Looks like FUN!

Wren said...

Serious chemical warfare. Sounds like a blast!!

Amanda said...

OMG my parents used to have the same wallpaper in the downstairs powder room. That along with this post was a "flashback" moment.