Sunday, March 7, 2010

starting a new week with a full cup

Until recently, I had been feeling that my cup was empty. As in empty to the last drop. Then, as if someone flipped a switch, we saw a change in our weather pattern and my cup gradually began to fill. More sun. Warming temps. A different feeling in the air.

I think I may have suffered from a seasonal disorder this winter -- lack of sun. Too much grey and dreary. Not only just the weather but in my personal life too.

Last week felt like spring. A new season. A re-birth. A lifting of the spirits. I spent time outside. Breathing. Breathing deep. Letting the sun hit my face. Driving with my windows down and feeling the warm(er) breeze. It just kept getting better this weekend.

Yesterday I painted my toes and wore flip flops all day. I can't begin to tell you what this small pleasure has done for my state of mind. It's made a huge difference.

Today after church I went on a long walk with my neighbor gal. During the course of our walk, we talked about how good it felt to be outside in the fresh air. It's been a long and cold winter here. For everyone. I think we all needed to recharge our batteries. The temps today were just upwards of 55 degrees and everyone was out. Walking. Riding bikes. Sweeping out the garage. Washing cars. Sitting on the front porch.

I filled my cup this weekend -- painted toes, flip flops, sunday school and church, long walks in the fresh air, painting in my kitchen in preparation of new countertops on tuesday, a couple of hours with lawman on the motorcycle (first ride of the season) and creating in my kitchen by way of a simple dinner of homemade biscuits, sausage, fruit salad and a hot fudge cake for dessert in the oven which will be enjoyed shortly with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

It's the end of the weekend and for the first time in months I know that I can make it through the work week. My batteries are fully charged and my cup is full.


Anonymous said...

it is so good to hear this coming from you! so glad. so so glad : )

Anonymous said...

I love the seasonal contrast between US/Canada and Australia. You are all looking forward to sunshine and summertime whilst we're all desperately looking forward to cooler weather and a reason to snuggle indoors.

It's good to hear that your cup is full and life is once again feeling cheery for you. xxx

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

hugs to you sweet friend...nothing like wearing flip flops for the first time after a long winter!

Amy said...

I struggle with that too and as the weather is warming up this week, I feel a change in my attitude. I know it is hard and I am so excited to see some sunshine :)

cheryl said...

It'll be cloudy all week, but, absolutely, that weekend was just what we needed!

Jenny said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful! I wasn't able to get out much but am so happy that spring is on it's way. Do you have any of that cake left? I might just have to swing by :).

Anonymous said...

here's to spring! (raises glass)

so happy for you! you had a rough winter, rougher than most of us. glad you are seeing happier days.

we were outside too, so nice to run outside without a coat!

cannot wait for sundress season!