Monday, March 8, 2010

weekly menu

I had good intentions of posting this week's menu yesterday but I got too caught up in enjoying the beautiful weather. And getting the kitchen ready for new countertops which will be installed tomorrow - yay! So, since I didn't follow through on those good intentions yesterday, I'll cut right to the point today.

homemade biscuits with sausage, fruit salad

veggie stir-fry (to use up the bits of veggies - cabbage, onion, carrot, mushroom, spinach - left in the crisper), rice, banana bread

white chili, mini cornbread muffins (made the chili tonight as my kitchen will be off-limits most of tomorrow)

chicken diablo (new recipe from The Six O'Clock Scramble), couscous, green beans

soft tacos, homemade pintos

tuna patties, mac & cheese, salad

sweet treat: hot fudge sundae cake (recipe will be posted on Thursday as part of Sweet Treat Thursday)

Hoping you've got a plan to get you through the dinner hour this week.


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

sounds yummy as always...! I may have to try that chicken diablo. I felt pretty dang proud of myself tonight. When I got home this afternoon I put a crockpot of chili on so that it would be ready when we got home from our son's baseball game. Before I left for the game I made a double batch of cornbread...plenty leftover for a lunch serving as well as some for breakfast! It is the easiest crock pot chili ever...and SO GOOD. Always a hit...especially on a night when it was COLD at the ballpark!

Anonymous said...

you've got some good stuff here. i like the Allrecipies site too.


i always love your menus...i made your bean bowls last week and they were a hit! i want to try that white chili...
and yea for getting new kitchen cabs! :)

Nancy said...

Velvet~ so glad you find inspiration here via the menus. Didn't you just love those bean bowls? They're about the easiest meal ever. So glad the family liked them too. The white chili I was a hit with everyone in the house. Even the youngest who typically wrinkles her nose at white chili. She loved this version and actually gave me permission to make it again!

kanishk said...

you've got some good stuff here. i like the Allrecipies site too.
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