Monday, July 12, 2010

quick & easy reading

I was in need of some quick and easy reading material a few weeks ago. This is what I found at the library.

The top book was one that Jessica mentioned. I'm a sucker for these kind of books. It's chock full of tips/ideas to streamline your time in the motion storage, recipe organization, menu planning, etc.

I saw the third book on this blog months ago. I looked at it in the bookstore first and decided it would be worth the read. I asked our library to get it via inter-library loan (love that service!). Since I checked it out, I've gone through it several times and so has Madison. We've tried about 5 recipes from it in the past 2 weeks. I had to return it today but I'm thinking it may very well be a book that I purchase considering how much we've liked everything we've tried.

I'll be starting one of the Sunset books tonight. Sunset books always remind me of my grandmother.  She subscribed to their magazine for years. Seems there was always a copy of it on the living room coffee table. I probably checked them out more for nostalgia than anything else.

When I need some mindless reading material, I always reach for a cookbook. I can read it just like a novel. What's your choice for quick & easy reading?


Anonymous said...

a magazine for sure. happy reading!

Jenni said...

I have to have fiction. Non-fiction is work for me, usually even when it's well written non-fiction. Memoirs are different, I guess. I could read a good, funny memoir or a mystery for mindless reading material. Last year I read the Twilight series for mindless reading material (because Jo and Na were reading it) and that made me think more than I expected it to. Though it was definitely light, easy reading, I think the author's intention is to open up a dialogue with her target audience about relationships and the things teens are most concerned with. Sounds crazy, I know, but I'm convinced of it. I do like reading good young adult fiction when I want lighter reading. I'm always in search of books to recommend to my kids and their friends. Mostly I don't like "mindless" reading, though. Lighter and easier is okay, but I want stories and characters that really get me involved. I want to completely immerse myself in a story. That's what I find most relaxing and enjoyable about reading.

kimj said...

Janet Evanovich, anyone?