Tuesday, July 13, 2010

on the go

We are a family on the go. As in exercising.

Those are my shoes. They have served me well but I think they are on their way out. I'm starting to feel it in my knees. Not every day but some.  I've been walking regularly this summer. It's getting harder now because it is hot. Really hot. It is now 9:20pm and as I sit here typing this it is still 91 degrees outside. I left at 8:05 for my walk so I know it was hotter than that. Heat index today was 108 at 6pm. Humidity must be near 83%. That's why it's getting harder to go for my walks. Like Nike says, Just Do It. Tonight I went 4.3 miles and I ran part of it, maybe 3/4 of a mile.

Lawman's been hard at it too. A friend posed a challenge....it went something like this..."Are you man enough?" Let me just say that Lawman is not  one to back down from a challenge. The challenge? A half-ironman in Oklahoma in September. He's in. Swim/Bike/Run/Eat/Sleep/Repeat. That's the story and that's what it will be until after race day.

The girls? They're in on this too. Alison's got a couple of workout buddies. Yesterday it was abs/eliptical/walking. Today it was walking/abs. She said last night that she likes it when her muscles hurt from exercising; she knows she's doing something. I can relate. Like John Cougar Mellennkamp said, "It hurts so good."

And Madison? Well, the girl is on swim team so she's in the pool every day. They were swimming a mile a day within the first week of practice. Five hours of swimming plus five hours of dance team practice each week. Don't let it be said that she's a couch potato.

Lawman and I have been watching Jillian this summer. I'm always amazed at the impact she has on families/people and in such a short amount of time. Sometimes the only thing we need is the motivation. My motivation? It's simple. I feel better when I move -- physically, mentally, emotionally. What's your motivation?


Anonymous said...

go lawman!! wow. very impressive. and you too Nancy : ) your family is rocking the workouts this summer. I keep missing Jillians show. I do love it though.

Anonymous said...

Good for you. It is so nice when you feel great from excercise. My motivation? I never want to lose the endurance and muscles I've worked to get, AND burning calories, always need to burn the calories!

Anonymous said...

yay! yay! time for new shoes for me too, but i keep putting it off.

i need jillian to come get on my tail about it, i've been a slacker the last two weeks since it's been so hot.


that is awesome!! i love that you guys are so active as a family :)

Anonymous said...

Dmoms, lets just say training for this event has been fun, but when you get up in the morning and your body hurts like mine, it sucks. gettting old is for the birds.I am a barrel chested freedom fighter and I don't really walk away from such challenges. Have a great workout well see you on the flip side.