Tuesday, January 25, 2011

not just another tuesday

It wasn't just another Tuesday around here.

The day began with the youngest waking up on her own and her first request was "feel my head." She did feel hot but then she had just climbed out of a warm, cozy bed. I said she should lay down on top of the covers for a few minutes and then I'd get the thermometer. Bingo! Fever.

Not good but no other complaints -- no headache, no upset stomach, nothing. I continued to get ready for work. So did Lawman. The girl is 14. If it's just a fever, she's fine on her own at home.

About 15 minutes after I get to work, my cell phone rings. The big sister called to tell me that little sister just got sick. The timing for these things is never good. I said I'd be home as soon as I got the packets put together for the 9am meeting.

I spent my day at home tending to the wee one. She was an easy patient. She spent the day on her bed either watching a movie or sleeping. By 3:00 she managed to get up and shower. Then she moved to the couch. More tv. More sleeping. Finally, I convinced her to eat and drink something -- water, applesauce and crackers. Just what the doctor ordered.

Having to miss a day of school devestated her. Her dance team is performing tonight at half-time of the basketball game. She had to miss. A crushing blow.

Since I was home today, I did what any mother would do. Disinfect. Wash sheets. Wash towels. All you mamas know the drill. You've been there and done that. I did decide that while wee one was snoozing, I should curl up in my comfy chair with a book. That's just what I did. Then I shut my eyes.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Hope she feels better...no matter what age my kids are, it's never easy or fun to see them sick.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I have to say...being home and taking care of sick kids always feels like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. It's true...mother knows best. xo

Sharon said...

Bummer, I know it must have been hard knowing that she could have been doing something she enjoyed. Glad you were able to get home and be with her.

It's that time of year for flus, so I think I'll disinfect our home this weekend...sheets, bedspreads and new toothbrushes all around.

Hope your daughter feels well soon!!

Anonymous said...

hope she feels better today and that you enjoyed some rest!

Anonymous said...