Tuesday, April 19, 2011

prom 2011

Lawman and his girls

Me and my babies

the blondes and their dates

oh, that was funny

the whole gang
what a day! saturday was prom. the dresses, the shoes, the nails, the hair....holy cow.

the day began cold and dreary but by early afternoon we had sun and beautiful temps. a perfect day to meet in the park for photos.

the colors this year were luscious. i told another mom that the park looked like a dessert table that someone had dumped sprinkles all over. another mom said it was like an easter basket. they were beautiful! all of them.

lawman and i are still recovering. these old bodies can't handle late nights like they used to. after prom, lawman and i provided the 'security' for the after prom party at the school. lots of games, singing, wii dance party, laser tag and inflatables. at 3am the party ended or should i say, moved? yes, moved. to our house. i made breakfast for the prom goers - - waffles, bacon, sausage brunch bites. our goal was to have our heads on our pillows by 5am. we managed to beat our goal by 30 minutes and we slept til morning was almost gone. i still haven't made up my sleep time...zzzzz.


Anonymous said...

so great Nancy. So proud of you for being "that mom" who is involved and there for her daughters - even cooking the breakfast. You impress me :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. - you hair looks so good!!

Wren said...

Yay!! Everything looks so gorgeous! Love the dresses.. Congratulations on your beautiful daughters!

Sharon said...

Beautiful pics! Glad everything went so well!! You are the Mom I wish I was...:)!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Oh my gosh...how FUN! Your babies look so beautiful...xoxo

Anonymous said...

ohhh, they look so gorgeous. what a beautiful and fun time.

and i agree with D. hooray for you for being the mom who is there and in the midst of all the fun.