Wednesday, April 13, 2011 me a brand snob

isn't there a saying that says something about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? well, that would apply to me when it comes to dishwasher detergent. i've tried other brands before and i've been less than satisfied so why, oh why, did i do it again?

our town has hard water. terribly hard water. it will do a number on your dishes as in leaving a film on them. the only thing i have found that combats it is cascade dishwasher detergent. i've used it ever since i came to the realization that no other detergent works nearly as well. like 12 years or more.

so why, in a moment of weakness did i buy a less expensive brand? why? to save a couple of bucks? well, yes. do i regret it? yes. most definitely. i'm nearly to the bottom of the less expensive brand and i can not wait to be done with it. so much so that i have been contemplating throwing it away all week just so i can get my clean and shiny dishes back. what's holding me back? well, the fact that it's like throwing money away. and the fact that no one else in the house has even noticed that the dishes don't look near as good as they used to.

so from now on, i'm going to consider myself a brand snob when it comes to dishwasher detergent. i'm only buying cascade. that's it. no bargain brands for me. i don't care how good the deal is.

i'm also a brand snob when it comes to diet coke. nothing else will do. i'm sure there are other things too but i'm not going to share too much for fear of what you might think of me.


Anonymous said...

i just did this exact same thing - bought the cheap target brand. it was awful!! i did try the eco brand from Costco and I was very impressed. my mom always buys cascade :)

Admin said...

The water in town IS TERRIBLE! I always had to use cascade too. But oddly enough since we moved out here down the dirt road the water great. We didn't even bother to hook up the softener. So odd. Keep using that Cascade! Sometimes it pays to be a brand snob. The money you save keeping the dishwasher and dishes "healthy" will probably balance out the couple bucks extra you spend on the detergent.

Sharon said...

I like the electrotabs. Haven't tried cascade...but I'm a huge brand snob...let's see there's Hershey's, Coca Cola, Tide Detergent, well, you get the drift. I just hope for sales and coupons and then I stock up!!


LOL, some things are not worth saving a few bucks! i am a toilet paper snob!! :)