Monday, April 4, 2011

then and now


and now
it happens right in front of our eyes. so how is it that we can be caught off guard by how grown-up they are?

today it becomes official. i now have an adult daughter. she is 18 today. this year has been full of bittersweet moments. lots of firsts. lots of lasts. and lots of good.

god gave us an abundance of blessings on the day she entered our family. for that i am grateful each and every day.

happy birthday, darling daughter! you've been my daily dose of sunshine for 18 years.


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I REALLY wish you'd STOP making me CRY! Oh my gosh...she is so pretty...and what an adorable little baby girl. Those eyes! It does happen fast...and all of a sudden...they're big. :(


Anonymous said...

she is really beautiful!! happy birthday :)

SZM said...

What a pretty girl! I love this post! She looks like an absolute ray of sunshine!

Wren said...

She is so beautiful. Bringing a tear to my eye. Happy birthday tobyour darling girl..

Sharon said...

Happy happy birthday to your daughter. She can vote and buy lottery tickets now....:)!

Pam James said...

Oh my, oh my!