Monday, June 6, 2011

a birthday treat

celebrating 15 years
having to work on your birthday (for the first time)
thinking no one will remember
a little planning on my part

Lawman and I picked up the birthday girl from work at 9:15 tonight. Little did she know that her 2 BFF's were in the backseat. It was so worth it just to hear her squeal when they yelled 'surprise!' One quick stop to pick up big sis and her friend and we were off for a surprise birthday treat. Orangeleaf frozen yogurt ~ have you tried? (Oh, the brownie batter and chocolate cookies & cream are to die for.) Singing happy birthday to her on the sidewalk. Trying to get a candle to stay lit in the Kansas wind. Seeing her smile. Hearing her laugh. Those were the gifts I received today.

On the way home, it was quiet in the front seat. Lawman asked, "what are you thinking?" I said, "nothing. just listening to the girls in the backseat." He asked, "what do you hear?" My reply...."happy girls."


Lorie said...

Love this! Happy belated bday to Madison!!!

Wren said...

How sweet! Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

perfect. way to go mom :)

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

You always make me cry!! Love this...sounds like a perfect birthday. (Can't beleive everyone's in shorts...we've still got rain here! Crazy California)

Sharon said...

what a wonderful surprise! (It gives me some ideas, too!)

Anonymous said...

just proves that small, thoughtful gestures are the ones that count - it doesn't have to be a splashy, expensive, huge gesture. How sweet - I am sure she will treasure the memory as much as you treasured their happy talk from the backseat. very sweet.

Jennifer said...

now let's talk about fantastic Mom's. I was with you there when you described that moment in the car.

nothing better than making daughters happy.

Sarah H. said...

I love Orange Leaf so much! What a nice surprise for your sweet girl.