Sunday, June 5, 2011

new kind of crazy

I T's  C R A Z Y  H E R E!

summer has arrived. in full force. with it comes a new kind of crazy.

this is the first summer that both girls have jobs. it's a logistical nightmare. for the past 2 summers, the oldest has been the taxi service. that isn't an option this summer. she's got a part-time job on the university campus, a nanny job 2-3 afternoons a week, and still works friday nights and weekends at gymnastics. this week she's got 3 days that are 11 hour days. that's crazy! but she's thrilled with it and anticipating that first 'big' paycheck.

the youngest turns 15 tomorrow. she's got a job as lifeguard at the city pool this year and she will continue to teach gymnastic classes to preschoolers. i never thought i'd say it but it will be a blessing that she'll be able to drive herself to/from work. (it will also add stress as i will worry about her being on the road.) add swim team to her schedule with daily, early morning practice times and meets on wednesdays. and dance team. did i mention that? 2 evening practices per week. see what i mean by crazy?
i will live & die by my calendar this summer. it's the only way that i'll be able to track where everyone is. it's also going to force us to schedule 'family time.' first scheduled family time is thursday night; we'll be going out to celebrate birthdays. lawman gets to add another year this week too.


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Yikes!! Thank goodness they can do their own driving...I'm looking forward to Seth having his license so I can stop taxiing him. But like you...will worry like CRAZY. It's all part of the process... :/

Is your daughter going to attend college? I can't remember if you talked about it or not? Am I just senile?

Anonymous said...

the driving thing is going to be so bitter sweet! hang in there. that is crazy.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh my...that does sorta sound crazy. Hang in there! Enjoy your family time on Thursday. Hopefully it will be the highlight of everyone's week! :)

PS: I don't EVEN want to think about my kids driving but I'm sure by the time they're able, I will be simultaneously thankful and worried.

Jennifer said...

somehow i know this is coming......

but i'm going to go into denial for now.

better eat your vitamins lady.