Sunday, September 18, 2011

all in a weekend

** fresh baked snickerdoodles to fill the cookie jar **
** family day at ksu - tailgating & football **
** meeting alison's new friends and their families **
** madison's first sleepover at the dorm with her big sis ** 
** reuniting with a college friend **
** a well-stocked pantry **
** rain **


Anonymous said...

well, we have the rain in common :) sounds like a good weekend!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

sounds wonderful...envious of the rain...AND the full pantry!!

I've been stalking your blog...trolling, looking for good recipes for busy families...any that I have to have right off the top of your head?! :)

Sharon said...

YUM! I hope to bake up something delicious tomorrow on my day off! I'll have to try some cookies and breads!

Glad Alison is doing well at college!

We had so much rain last week, I'm glad it's dry here! :)!

Jennifer said...