Thursday, September 15, 2011

This & That

Just a few odds and ends to share with you:

Watched a very interesting show this evening called Supermarkets Inc. Definitely provides some food for thought before that next shopping trip. Also makes me wish I was in a different line of work. I'd love to go to the annual NGA Showcase.

The first pot of soup of the season was simmering on the stove this evening ~ Chicken Barley Chili. Couldn't wait for that first bowl. It was so worth it. No salt in the recipe; only seasoning was salsa, chili powder and cumin. So, so good! Here's the recipe if you're interested; it's on the back of the Quaker Barley box. is possible to swallow a quarter. Yes, a QUARTER! Our oldest, swallowed one last night. Her roomie put it in her soda, unbeknownst to her. She guzzled the last bit and got the quarter too. I'm not kidding. I couldn't make this up! This is the kind of stuff that happens when they're little, not at 18. I called the doctor's office. They said that most likely it will pass but if she experiences vomitting, cramping or stops pooping to come in! Stops pooping? No kidding! Even I would know that!


Unknown said...

Can't believe Alison swallowed a quarter! One of the many fun memories/stories she'll be making and retelling in college

Anonymous said...

dinner sounds good! I swallowed a marble once but a quarter??? yikes.

hope everything comes out in the end!! he he - just had to day that :)

annie said...

Yikes! That could have been really really bad. If it had been wedged the wrong way...gosh. Don't even want to think about it. That's why I think the game of quarters is so stupid.

So glad she is okay.

Hope it all goes through uneventfully!

Julie S said...

When I was in college, there was a little girl from my hometown who had a quarter on her dresser. Her dad put her to bed and she got up and got the quarter. She put it in her mouth and choked on it. When her dad went in to check on her later, it was too late. I always think of that little girl whose life ended way too soon when I hear of stories like your daughter's.
If you want a funny, light-hearted story with someone swallowing a quarter, watch Grumpier Old Men.

Sharon said...

Wow. Hmmmm, her roommate put a quarter in her soda??? Doesn't sound too smart to me!

Hope she's okay!!

Chicken Barley Chili sounds delicious! Does it fit in with my new way of eating? I'll have to try it!

Jennifer said...

i would have thought you were past calling the doctor on that one, how odd and funny to read today!

hope it all ends well (tee hee)