Monday, October 31, 2011

candy man

a perfect night for ghosts and ghouls.
everyone was out thanks to a temp of 60 early in the evening.
neighborhood was full.
165 pieces of candy and i wondered if we'd have enough.
it was, but barely. a friend brought her extra over to reload our bowl.
lawman had fun. even heard the scarey laugh several times.


Anonymous said...

oh, very fun. love it actually. no trick or treaters here until it was dark. we went out with the girls so missed out on giving which means I have candy leftover :)

Hawaii Planner said...

Fun! We didn't have too many trick or treaters last night. Maybe because it was a school night? We have a ton of extra candy at our house!

Sharon said...

We didn't get very many, and now we have too much candy!


Jennifer said...

love that you still love it!!