Thursday, November 10, 2011

since the clock has changed

since moving our clocks back, my motivation has dwindled. happens every year. if it's dark when i get home from work, i want to put on my lounge pants, whether they be of flannel or yoga variety, and do nothing. there's something about driving home with lights on at 5pm that leaves me with no energy. when it's dark, my body feels as if the day is done.

my evening routine changes with the changing of the clocks. more reading. more hot tea or cocoa. in the last few weeks i have read the hunger games series (loved it!). now i am anxiously awaiting the movie release in the spring. another book i've read is crooked letter, crooked letter (a selection for my book club). a page turner of a mystery. if you've not read them, i recommend you add them to your list. started this book last night; it's gonna suck me in too.


Anonymous said...

Totally feel this way too with the dark. It turns our entire schedule on end since I let the kids play outside before homework so they can enjoy the outdoors before its too dark. On the positive side, its nice to get the kids and myself to bed on time. I love curling up with my book with the whole house quiet and peaceful!

The Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter book looks interesting. I LOVED Hunger Games. Another recent book I liked was Whistling in the Dark - very good.

Anonymous said...

your cup looks a lot like the one I am drinking out of this morning. And, I like that brand of Chai too :)

Love that you have been reading. I will check out those books. I don't care for the dark - Joe leaves in the dark and comes home in the dark. ugh. the next couple of months are long...

have a good weekend!

Sharon said...

I don't know, it sounds quite nice if you ask me! I think I'll do the same thing! :)!

Jennifer said...

oh, i am so glad i am not the only one. perhaps that's why i've been lacking any initiative lately as well.

i agree, the dark makes it seems so much later. i've been trying to put the girls to bed early to no avail oh well.

time to turn our minds to inside things, like books. i almost picked up this book in your photo the other day in the library!