Saturday, January 28, 2012

i never thought i'd do this

full disclosure this morning. that is my night stand. please don't judge.

i am a book girl. i'd say that's obvious considering the photo i just shared. i love books. is it possible to have a book addiction? if so, i probably need to attend book-lovers anonymous...

now here's another full disclosure statement. e-readers. i never thought i would want one. i always felt that there was something about holding a tangible book. turning the pages. the smell of fresh print. but i think i've changed my mind.

i've been researching e-readers for weeks now. i've settled on a kindle. i've been looking at the kindle touch and the kindle fire. i've heard good things about both from friends that have one or the other. the only downside i've heard is that the kindle fire may be more difficult to read on as it does not have a matte screen (so there is a glare depending upon the light).

there are many blog related books available in only an e-format. they'll never go to print. i would like to read them. there are also books for my book club that i think i would purchase in an e-format vs. print. i have purchased many of our book club books for reading and then they've remained in my personal collection yet they're not ones that i care to keep.

given the fact that i've been considering this purchase for 3 weeks now, i think it's safe to take the plunge. surely 21 days is long enough to contemplate, right? do you have a reader? i'd love to hear your feedback.


Jenni said...

Caleb bought me the basic Kindle for Christmas. I wasn't sure I would want one at first, but we bought him one when he was in Afghanistan, and I'd been thinking about one for myself ever since. They are soooo nice for carrying with you and also for lying in bed or on the couch reading. It's wonderful to have something so small and lightweight and pages that turn at the click of a very handy button instead of wanting to close on you when you're holding on with only one hand. I love my Kindle! BUT I have to restrain myself from buying ebooks when I would have just checked the book out from the library normally. It could become an expensive habit.

Anonymous said...

go for it. can you download books from the library on it?

and the stack by your are you reading all at once? any recommendations? I went to the library and got a audio book for my commute. I have a plan to "hear" all the harry potter books this year as I have not read any of them.

annie said...

my daughter has a nook color and my son has a kindle fire. They are both great, and reading on the screen is not an issue. I'd go with the kindle fire because of it's connection with amazon.

I'm a book girl, too. But for now I'm still turning paper pages! :) I'm sure my e-reader purchase is around the corner.

Sharon said...

I still can't do the e-reader thing...believe it or not if there is something more than a page long on the computer, I need to print it out.

I think if you still want it, you should go for it! E-readers have gone down in price considerably!

Wren said...

Sorry, I Love paper. Can't go to an e-reader. Nice idea, just not for me..

Love your picture. Your nightstand looks just like mine! Plus, I see three books that I have too : )

Happy reading!

Jennifer said...

I thought I would never go e-reader, but my mother gave me a kindle touch for Christmas, and I do love it. It will never replace paper books for me, ever, there's something about them but the reader is convenient. I can keep multiple books there and what I like most is I can highlight things and then find all my highlights in my clippings section without having to go back through.

Think it will be good for vacation instead of hiking a separate suitcase full of books to Canada.

Less space on your nightstand ;-)

Softie said...

I have a Kindle and I would highly recommend it. I also have an ipad and I have to tell you reading on the Kindle is much more comfortable on the eyes and to hold. For this reason I would not recommend the Kindle Fire for reading as much as the other two. Mine is not a touch. I wonder how the touch would be with fingerprints, but other than that it is the same and therefore I think I would like it.

Anonymous said...

I wanted an IPad,but the price was out of my budget.
So, after researching listening to others on some of the lists I'm on, I'm now the happy owner of a Nook Tablet.(I'm the woman who said I'd never own a Nook)

irishdancer said...

Check your local library and see if they have any e-readers for check out. Our library just started offering Nook readers. If they do you can give them a try before buying. If you do buy you should be able to get books from your library for download.

Mary Ann said...

I have a second edition kindle and now a kindle fire--love them both. The fire is very, very versatile and I haven't had a problem with the glare. I can get books now, that I could not on the original kindle, which have color photos to enjoy.