Sunday, January 29, 2012

Every Penny Helps

Every penny helps. We've probably all heard that for years. Well, for good reason. It's true!

This large beer stein sits on Lawman's dresser and catches all of our loose change. We've done this for years. Sometimes we cash it in for a special night out. Sometimes it goes toward a planned purchase. Sometimes it goes into savings. And, sometimes we have cashed it in before it's full. This time it's going into our vacation account as a little extra spending cash for our upcoming March trip. I'm cashing it in tomorrow because it's overflowing.

Any guesses on how much is in there? I'll let you know. **UPDATE** $140.00 in the change jar!

Do you save your change? How do you spend it?


Jenni said...

I'm going to guess $46.54. We do this, too. It's always fun to see how much you have and what you can do with it. A few years ago I started putting the quarters in a separate can, though, and I've noticed that can never seems to get full. Hmmm...must be the kids dipping into it for snack break at school! Occasionally I will use some quarters for the car wash or laundromat (when I need to wash comforters or something), but that is rare.
One of the kids I work with needs extra help on counting money. The idea of keeping a change jar of his own was completely foreign to him. Sure, mom and dad have one, but not him. I told him he needs to ask his parents for a jar or container to keep change in and some extra jobs around the house he can do to earn change to go in that jar. Then he needs to count it out regularly to see how much he has. I used to dump my bank out at least once a week and count my change when I was a kid. I loved doing that, and my kids will still sit and help me count out the money in our change jars. Sure, the banks have automatic counters, but it's fun to watch the amount grow and know before the jar is full and you cash it in.

Anonymous said...

i have gotten into the habit of donating my change at the check-outs to various causes. I do keep a jar for the change I find around home.

I am guessing close to $50 too.

Sharon said...

hmmmm....I guess $75. I put all of my change into my *sealed pot*...hoping to have enough at the end of the year for a trip too!

Nancy said...

Woohoo! $140 was the amount in the change jar!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed by how much was in that jar. We have one of those big water jugs and its about halfway full - we call it our disney fund...I'm not sure if we'll ever go there but the kids sure would like to, perhaps before they are too old to care(one is close to that age I think!)