Saturday, February 4, 2012

baking day

it's been a good weekend and i've still got a full day left!

last night, miss madison thought she and i needed a mom/dot date. so, dinner and shoe shopping it was. for months i've been trying to convince her to try a new restaurant that opened this fall. finally, last night she decided she was up for it. and, at her suggestion. she loved it! that means it will be a place we can go again and again. their dishes are so good and i especially like that not every sauce is a butter and cream base.

after dinner it was on to the mall for dessert which was shoe shopping! she's got a dance next weekend and we have the dress but needed a nice heel to go with. first store didn't have her size but we were able to find the same shoe at another store in her size and with a lower price tag. score!

since we'd done two fun things, i decided we were going to tackle the grocery shopping before we headed home because it would mean i could possibly make it the entire weekend without having to make another trip to town. as we were walking down an aisle, i hear her say, "maybe i want to cook when i grow up." my ears perked right up. not sure if she was thinking as a profession or just in general but she was in the kitchen today.

it was cookie baking day. makes me smile when she does this sort of thing.


Anonymous said...

okay, really? I just blogged something very similar. Gotta love our girls :)

love your new restuarant too!

Wren said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.. the cookies are looking fab too. Would go really good with my coffee right now..but then, I like cookies for breakfast : ))

Sharon said...

Funny! I just read Denise's blog then went to yours...

It's a sign...time to go do something with my daughter!!