Sunday, November 29, 2009

friendship found on the internet

Some things are hard to explain. Like friendship found on the internet.

I'm not exactly sure how we found each other or how long ago but I do know that a connection was made. And I've known for some time that if the opportunity to meet ever presented itself, I wanted to take advantage of it.

In September we (my family) began plans for Thanksgiving travel. I asked Lawman if he would be in favor of a layover in Seattle which would allow me to meet Denise. Lawman was very supportive and so I began laying the foundation for that opportunity I had been hoping for. The next move would be to ask Denise. Was I setting myself up for rejection? What if I wasn't who she thought I was?

Fortunately, Denise said yes. Our meeting happened last week and it was as if we'd been friends for a long-time. No awkward silences. No uncomfortable moments. It was everything I thought it would be. And, our families got to meet too. Big Daddy and Lawman seemed to hit it off. I noticed they were chatting as much as we were and by the time we left there were inside jokes to be shared.

I considered Denise a friend before last week but now it's real. For me. I liken it to an imaginary friend coming to life. It's hard to explain but I get it and so does Denise and we decided that's all that matters.
P.S. Denise ~ it was a pleasure to meet you. You were exactly who I expected you to be! And tell Big Daddy our lights are up.


Anonymous said...

okay, that was so incredibly sweet. I so agree. It was like we were friends forever. I did look back on my blog and we have been blog buddies for at least a year!!

tell LM that our lights are up now too : )

Amy said...

That is soooo great! I love when internet friends become real life friends. It is a beautiful thing!

Anonymous said...

awww. i think it's fantastic you guys got to meet like that! how fun. it does seem strange that blog friends actually seem closer than real friends sometimes, because we actually visit in our way with them everyday.

you look great nancy as does denise, but i already told her that. it's always so nice to see the faces to match up with the words.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it was all that you both imagined it to be, and it just proves that today's technology has so many wonderful things to offer us all. :)