Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the party's over and i'm left with a food hangover

It's probably a good thing that a refrigerator can't talk. If mine could, it would be screaming right now about all the leftovers and soda the crazy lady shoved in there.

The problem stems from hosting a Super Bowl party. It was a big deal here this year. We hosted 10 adults and 16 teenagers for the Packers v. Steelers showdown. And, I might add that everyone was cheering for the Packers, especially Jordy Nelson who was sporting jersey #87. He played college ball here at KSU and grew up not very much further north. He's what you could call a local celebrity.

It's pretty obvious that we had plenty of food & drink and that we had lots leftover. The good thing about all those leftovers is that it's been an easy week for me in the kitchen thus far since I've been diligent about using up what we have.  So far we've had pizza from Papa Murphy's (and we gave one away), pulled pork on buns, oriental slaw, chips & dip, veggies & dip. Tonight is the most cooking I've done all week -- a box of Zatarain's Jumbalaya and to it I've added the leftover summer sausage, peppers and onions. We'll be eating leftover buns with butter on the side tonight. Tomorrow I may actually have to start from scratch for meal prep.


Anonymous said...

fun party!! it was just my little family here to watch the big game : )

I need to meal plan again. Thanks for the reminder!!

Mavis said...

I have a turkey in the oven right now... if I play my cards right I won't have to cook for 3 days! I love leftovers :)