Friday, February 18, 2011

a shining jewel

hello all. it's been days since i've been here. guess you could say i've been missing in action. trust me when i tell you my lack of attention to this blog is not because i'm soaking up the sun on a sandy beach nor am i holed up at home eating bon bons. i've been busy with responsibilities -- mothering / wife-ing / working.

last week was homecoming week at the high school. i'm proud to say that our alison was a candidate (she's the 4th girl from the left in the photo above). she had a wonderful week full of extra activities and the best part was that her escort (she's on his back) is also one of her best friends. those two have been tight since the later part of their elementary years. he lives about 2 blocks from us and i remember the days he'd walk her home from school, come inside for a drink and a snack and then they'd go sit on the front porch or deck so they could talk without me or little sister listening. they've maintained that close-knit friendship. his mother and i hope they continue to stay close even after graduation in may.

and speaking of graduation.....oh, people. so much to do and so little time. right now we're in the thick of scholarship applications and financial aid forms. i did our taxes last weekend to facilitate getting the financial aid end of things done. the fafsa is at the top of my to do list for tomorrow. ugh. and scholarship applications? really, someone could make this a business. they could gather all of a students information and then complete the apps and write the essays for them. do you know how many scholarships are available? thousands, i tell ya. i'm hoping we're able to secure several to defer some of the cost of that freshman year on campus. it ain't a cheap ticket.

i could go on and on but in a nutshell this is the latest news from here. and the results of homecoming? her peers didn't give her a crown but she's a shining jewel to us every day! love that girl. don't know how i'm going to adjust when she leaves home in august.


Sharon said...

Oh Nancy, I remember senior year...busy, busy, busy.

Fortunately we didn't need to fill out FAFSA forms for my older two daughters because their father and I split the cost of an in state tuition, at least until this last semester, where I ended paying for the whole semester myself. Luckily it is her last undergraduate semester. Having said that, however, we had to help our daughter fill out the FAFSA form for her graduate school. (I'm not funding this degree). It's a lot of work. I have two more kids coming up the pike, and I'm thinking that we will not be able to fund college totally for them. I'll be asking you for advice on the scholarship advice in the next three years!

Unknown said...

Alison could go to the college and have an advisor fill out the FASFA for her as long as she has your tax info! I did the first time I had to fill out the FAFSA. Might save you some trouble.

Anonymous said...

okay - so based upon this - maybe my kids won't go to college : )

j/k - wow!! that is a lot of effort. Hope you can relax a bit this weekend.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

She's beautiful!!!

One of my good friends has a daughter graduating this year and I'm hearing much of the same sentiment from her about forms and applications and essays. Oh my. Good luck with that process. :)

Mavis said...

I'm on the scholarship committee at my daughters school and currently ready thru my stack of binders... it's exciting to read about all the hopes and dreams they have and what their future plans are. I wish your daughter all the best! And... you can never fill out to many scholarship applications :)

Anonymous said...

i would start preparing now, but i'm sure it will be twelve times more complicated in ten years.

sounds like an exciting time though beyond all the business.

and as if anyone couldn't have guessed which kid was yours, lol....