Tuesday, February 1, 2011

snow day

old man winter is visiting this week. feels like the old guy has moved in. no school yet this week. not a full week since the return from christmas break, thanks to old man winter. short day of work yesterday for me, office closed today. blowing snow, frigid temps, white-out conditions. poor lawman is the only one that had to leave home this morning. no day off for the law, that's for sure. and to top it all off, someone rear-ended him at a stop light. wouldn't want to be that guy. um, yeah, he was in the patrol vehicle.

we made the most of our day at home and it's not over yet. a little reading. a little cleaning. a little laundry. a little monopoly (some people love it, some of us loathe it -- guess who).  and a little baking. a certain lawman requested cookies. how can i say no on a day like this?

did you get a snow day? what'd you do?


Sharon said...

I started laughing with "guess who loathes it"...my son has been trying to get me to play Monopoly since Christmas..I'm not budging...You are a much better Mom than me!! :)!

Hope hubby wasn't hurt!

Here's hoping Winter goes away soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I want a snow day!! It is cold here but sunny and blue sky : )

Admin said...

Day three of no school and I've survived!! We've made funnel cakes and I toyed around with some protein-eat-clean-cookie recipes. They were a bit dry...but guilt free! ;)

Mavis said...

No Snow... but I loathe monopoly too :)

Anonymous said...

I would love a snow day!! I've never had one but I love the idea of being all cosy indoors whilst it's freezing outdoors. My boys have barely seen frost, never mind, snow. But it's definitely on the to do list.